Season and Stir™ - CASA AGAVE® Pot Scrubber Brush

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Season and Stir™ - CASA AGAVE® Pot Scrubber Brush

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"Say Goodbye to Scrubbing Woes with CASA AGAVE® Pot Scrubber Brush!

Maintain your flawless manicure while conquering tough pot and pan grime! Introducing our all-new Pot Scrubber brush with a chic design that's as easy on the eyes as it is on your hands.

Experience comfort like never before with the rounded ergonomic handle and larger bristle diameter. This brush is tailor-made for relentless food residue and stubborn stains, even on cast iron cookware.

Not just for the toughest jobs, our brush adapts – it's gentle enough for non-stick pans too. Each brush head boasts impressive longevity, lasting 1 to 6 months by your side.

Crafted from eco-friendly Moso Bamboo, this scrubber isn't just a kitchen hero. It doubles as a trusty tool for scrubbing root vegetables and zesty citrus fruits.

Be part of the sustainable solution with FSC certification by TÜV SÜD Czech, Prague. However, remember not to soak the wood parts – water absorption can lead to cracks and swelling.

2.5" l x 2.5" w x 3.3" h

Upgrade your scrubbing game today with CASA AGAVE® – where functionality meets elegance in every swipe!"

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Made in United States