Season and Stir™ Java Long Pepper
Season and Stir™ Java Long Pepper

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Season and Stir™ Java Long Pepper

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Java long pepper has a flavor much more complex than black pepper. It possesses black pepper's heat and musk, but in a less harsh, more nuanced way

Java long pepper is suitable with;

  • red meats
  • lamb
  • duck
  • guinea fowl
  • terrines
  • stews
  • tuna 
  • fatty fish

It will bring a gourmet touch and relief to your condiments, pickles, terrines (aspic) and pâtés.

It is sublime on a simple mashed potato, rice or pasta.

It is also amazing on fresh goat cheese with olive oil.

It also goes very well surprisingly with chocolate-based desserts.

Made in Indonesia

Net volumes and weights: 50ml/30g/1.05oz