Season and Stir™ The Oranges of Sicily cookbook

Season and Stir™ The Oranges of Sicily cookbook

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A Culinary History of the World’s Most Important Fruit + 30 Curious Recipes


Sicily grows the world’s best fruit!

Discover the orange and the thousands of tales told of it—the curiosities, techniques, traditions, and mysteries.

You will sense its perfume on page after page as you savor the recipes dedicated to the juicy orange—devised by great Sicilian and Italian gourmet chefs.

  • They include sword fish parcels scented with citrus fruits;
  • Tuna and salad garnished with orange segments;
  • Octopus and cuttlefish; or
  • Danish pastry with orange and the marzipan candies of Martorana.

Author: Vinci Bellomo

Photographers: Alessandro Saffo, Antonino Bartuccio

Illustrator: Monica Parussolo, Salvo Scherma

Translator: Richard Sadleir