Cheese Ball Recipe - Crowd pleaser!

Cheese Ball Recipe - Crowd pleaser!

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Happy National Cheese Ball Day!

This recipe was given to me years and years ago from Pete's Mom - Josephine Corrado.  It is a real crowd pleaser and so easy to make! Our children always looked for it on every holiday or gathering. Serve with your favorite crackers - we have some beautiful artisan crackers on our site and so many fabulous charcuterie boards to serve this on.


All at room temperature to mix easily

1- 8 ounce cream cheese

1 stick of butter - we use salted butter

1 small size - 3 ounce or so of Blue Cheese

1 small tub of Sharp cheddar cheese

1 tub of Win Schulers original cheddar cheese spread (or something similar)

Mix these softened cheeses and butter together well.  Roll into a ball - it will be quite sticky on your hands.  Then roll into either ground walnuts or ground pecans and place on a dish with saran wrap and refrigerate until it is firm. 



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