Welcome to Season & Stir, a haven for those who appreciate the finer things in life – where gourmet food meets luxury homeware in a celebration of heritage, family, and the joy of good company. As Children of European Ancestry, our roots trace back to the culinary treasures of Sicily and Naples, Italy. Our connection to the richness of these cultures is deeply embedded in the traditions of Sunday dinners, where our homes were open not just to family, but to friends and friends of friends.

The heart of our culinary journey lies in the legacy of our families. Aggie's mother, a native of Acerra, Italy, continues to host weekly Sunday dinners at the age of 87, welcoming a vast and growing family. Peter's family, too, has a history of hosting memorable dinners in Rochester, MI, filled with delectable dishes prepared by his fabulous mother, a cook and baker extraordinaire. The warmth of these gatherings, the shared love for food, and the passing down of cherished recipes have formed the foundation of Season & Stir.

Our commitment to preserving culinary heritage extends beyond our own families. Over the years, we've explored and perfected recipes from various cultures, inspired by the kitchens of Greek, Lebanese, French, and Korean friends. This diverse culinary experience has become an integral part of our identity, shaping the unique collection of gourmet food products we proudly offer.

Beyond the kitchen, Aggie's appreciation for a beautiful tablescape has found expression in our curated selection of kitchen and table accessories. We believe that serving great food is not just about the taste but also about creating an inviting atmosphere. Join us in embracing the joy of hosting with our carefully chosen products that enhance your gatherings.

Our love for family, friends, and good times extends to our cigar and spirit-loving community. Explore our exquisite bar accessories and discover a selection that complements the sophistication of your tastes. Delight in our fun pasta selections and find products that reflect our shared passion for horses, a love passed down through generations.

Season & Stir isn't just a store; it's a reflection of our shared love for culinary excellence, entertaining, and the finer things in life. This website is the culmination of years of careful selection, with each gourmet food product and kitchenware chosen for its place in our own homes. Peter's passion for history and the origins of recipes is evident throughout the site, where every product tells a story.

As we continue to curate and add products weekly, we invite you to revisit our site often. Explore our weekly recipe page for delightful twists on traditional recipes, and be a part of our growing collection of family recipes. Fancy yourself a great cook? Share your culinary creations with us by emailing hello@seasonandstir.com. Send us a great photo along with your recipe, and if you'd like, share the history behind it. Our goal is to build the largest collection of family recipes passed down from generation to generation, a testament to the enduring legacy of good food and shared stories.

At Season & Stir, we celebrate the art of living well, one carefully crafted meal at a time. Join us on this journey, and let's create lasting memories together. Cheers to good food, beautiful gatherings, and the timeless traditions that connect us all.

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