Gourmet Food products have long been a staple in our homes. We are Children of European Ancestry – our Grandparents came from Sicily and the Naples Italy area.  Aggie’s mother was born in a small town outside Naples Italy called Acerra. 

Our families’ Sunday dinners were sacred and not just family came – our homes were open to friends and even friends of friends.  Aggie’s 87-year-old mother at of the time of this writing STILL hosts weekly Sunday dinners for any of her 9 children and their spouses, 24 grandchildren and 18 great grandchildren that are available that day. Peter’s family often hosted many a dinner where long tables of amazing food were shared with family and friends. Peter's mother is a fabulous cook and baker that has shared her recipes over the years and hosted many dinner parties at her home in Rochester MI back in the day.  We have many friends that are phenomenal cooks and host beautiful dinners.  We had aunts that were fabulous gourmets and some were exceptional bakers - my Aunt Carmela from Acerra Italy made a pizza that to this day nothing has compared. This is why it is so important to pass down those recipes from generation to generation. 

The love of food and entertaining has been passed down to our three wonderful children and our grandchildren!  WE have an almost 13-year-old granddaughter that is quite the baker and an 11-year-old grandson that is a genuine food connoisseur and loves to be in the kitchen amid all the cooking.

Over the years we have tried and perfected many new recipes not only in the cooking of our culture – but from Greek, Lebanese, French and Korean friends to name a few.

Along with our passion for good food came Aggie’s love of a beautiful tablescape. The importance of not only serving great food – but making your guests feel they are important enough to take the extra effort to create that beautiful table setting to serve on. We now thoroughly enjoy our daughter’s love for a gorgeous holiday table.

In addition to the unique food products we feature from around the world – you will find kitchen and table accessories that will enhance your gatherings.   We also pay homage to our cigar and spirit loving family and friends – with our beautiful bar accessories.  Our pasta selections are so fun!  You will always find products that reflect our love of the horse! Both Peter and Aggie were horse owners - a love that was instilled by our parents.  We passed the torch down to our daughter and now our granddaughter. 

This website was a long time in the making – we carefully selected Gourmet Food products and kitchenware we would proudly display in our home.  Peter’s love of food and cooking is shared by his passion for history and the origination of how a recipe came to be.  His touches can be seen on product selections throughout the site - his love of cigars is only second to his love of food! 

Come back often as we will be adding products weekly.  Also check out our weekly recipe page – for some twists on traditional recipes.

WE will feature recipes on a weekly basis - fancy yourself a great cook?  Send us an email at hello@seasonandstir.com and ask to be considered.  We only require a great photo of you, or your family, or the food you are showcasing along with your recipe and if you want to share some history we would love that! Our goal is to make the recipe blog on our site the largest collection of family recipes passed down from generation to generation!  Share your Gourmet recipes with us!

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