Chef Philippe's Chiloe Berry Peppery Maracuja Jelly

Chef Philippe's Chiloe Berry Peppery Maracuja Jelly

Season and Stir features three products from this fabulous Chef and hope to add more to our online collection - as our customers familiarize their kitchens with these new taste sensations!
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Season and Stir is truly elated in sharing this recipe from Chef Philippe of the Popote in Tarare France!  If you can not get over to France to visit - please purchase his products on our site as his recipes and spices are on a whole new level.  Our goal at Season and Stir is to bring you products from around the world - and we feature three products Chef Philippe produces. 

WE are thrilled to share this introduction and look for another recipe soon from this fabulous Chef for Candied White Turnips with Black Mustard Juice which we also sell on our site.  At Season and Stir we love to introduce new spices and flavors that added to your repertoire will truly improve your culinary skills. 

The Chiloe Berry is Used in cooking like pepper - but it is NOT pepper.  They are slightly spicy berries with hints of candied fruits and camphor.  You will be excited to start using them in many recipes once you taste them. 

Chiloe Berry - Peppery Maracuja Jelly Ingredients:

  • Maracuja Juice (This is passion fruit juice) - 16 ounces
  • Sugar - 6 1/2 tablespoons of sugar
  • Chiloe Berries - 1/2 teaspoon finely crushed - reserve a pinch more for decoration
  • Gelatin - or Agar - 7 sheets of gelatin previously softened in cold water (you can use gelatin powder) If you want to use Agar - you would use not quite a teaspoon.   We prefer the gelatin sheets to gelatin powder - gives you more consistency in our opinion. 
  • Sea Salt - to flavor -  which we have many on our site.


  • Heat the Maracuja (Passion Fruit) juice with the sugar and the finely crushed Chiloe berries.  Keep a pinch for decoration.  
  • Add the 7 sheets of gelatin previously softened in cold water (or the agar if you are vegetarian) Agar is made from red algae and is used as a substitute for gelatin if you are vegetarian. 
  • Let cool and pour into small flexible molds. 
  • Let jelly set and then when set - turn out on serving dish and sprinkle with remaining crushed berries and a little sea salt!
  • Serve with Salmon or Beef Carpaccio, or with fish or cold slices of roast beef.

The little domes - are the lovely Chiloe Berry Maracuja jelly....Chef Philippe paired it with raw salmon cutlets with red beet vinaigrette.  We must ask him for the vinaigrette recipe soon!

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