Season and Stir™ Copper or Gold Measuring Spoons
Season and Stir™ Copper or Gold Measuring Spoons

Season and Stir™ Copper or Gold Measuring Spoons

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Elevate your kitchen aesthetic with these stunning copper or gold measuring spoons. Radiating the charm of artisanal craftsmanship, these measuring spoons are an exquisite addition to your culinary space. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, they offer a touch of elegance that's equally matched by their functionality.

Drawing inspiration from the allure of pounded copper or gold, these measuring spoons boast a timeless design that transcends trends. Their captivating appearance makes them a perfect gift for the dedicated cook or passionate baker in your life. Whether it's for a special occasion or just to show appreciation, these measuring spoons are sure to leave a lasting impression.

Each set of these exquisite measuring spoons is proudly made in India, a country renowned for its rich heritage and skilled artisans. This connection to craftsmanship lends a unique authenticity to the spoons, making them not just utensils, but pieces of art.

With dimensions of 5" width and 1.5" height, these measuring spoons are designed to fit comfortably in your hand, ensuring precise measurements while adding a touch of luxury to your cooking routine. Despite their elegant appearance, these spoons are functional and easy to use, making them a practical tool for every kitchen.

Weighing just 0.2 lb., these measuring spoons have a substantial feel that indicates their quality and durability. They are built to withstand the rigors of regular use, ensuring they remain a cherished part of your kitchen for years to come.

Revitalize your culinary space with the allure of these copper or gold measuring spoons – a blend of aesthetics and functionality that promises to delight both your senses and your recipes.

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Made in India